Go girl...

My friend told me about this new product that has been nicknamed "fatkini".  A plus sized model has designed a bikini for big girls that is flattering & attractive; a nice alternative to the smocks available to most of us.  She actually heard about it because one of the local DJs was making fun of it (he's kind of an asshole), but we both agreed they're kind of cute, if you're comfortable bearing some belly.  So kudos to her for coming up with something that the average American woman can wear & feel sexy wearing - it only comes in sizes 10-24.
Moving on...
My kiddo's first day of summer camp was yesterday.  I expected to pick him up & hear that he had a super fun day, instead he says he has a headache & asks for medicine.  Poor kid.  He got home & drank a Gatorade but it went down too fast, so it came back up nearly as fast.  I gave him something for his headache & he couldn't even keep it down.  He laid on the couch all evening & finally sipped some broth before bed.  He woke up this morning super early & feeling fine!  He was dressed before I came out of my room, so I'm grateful for that.  I was really worried he was getting sick again.
On another note, I've been trying to sort of my school situation.  I've always wanted to be in the medical field, preferably nursing.  But now that I'm nearly finished with the pre-reqs I'm at a crossroad.  I work full time, 50 hours per week, and essentially am a single parent.  I have John & he's done so much for me - he enabled me to get back to school last fall by watching my son on school nights.  We live together, but still, he's my son & therefore my responsibility.  It's huge to me that John does this for me when he doesn't have to.  So now my issue is that the nursing program is full time, once accepted, and typically classes are daytime only.  There is 1 community college that offers night classes but still some of the core classes are daytime.  I've decided to look into a tech school to get an associate's in sonography in hopes they offer nighttime classes that will work with my schedule.  This is appealing, aside from the program cost being astronomical & how much burden I'm placing on John.  He is super supportive & definitely willing to help, but I'm so afraid he'll resent me or something.  School really is a ton easier without kids (or the necessity/responsibility of working full time).  And of course there's the question of whether I should get started or wait until my (hopefully) surgery date so I don't miss classes.  I'd hate to wait then not get approved for surgery but I'm afraid of being overwhelmed with everything all at once.  *sigh*
I hope everyone is having a good week.  OMG, I forgot it's 10 things Thursday!
  1. I am not capable of snapping my fingers.  It's a weird anomaly.  I understand the concept, I just can't make it happen.
  2. Today is 80's day at work.  I didn't dress up but people are wearing some interesting outfits for the purpose of a video that was filmed to show at an upcoming awards ceremony.
  3. I actually like lima beans.
  4. My first car was a '91 Geo Metro.  It was a 3 cyl automatic that only ran on 2 cyl.
  5. I have always wanted to sky dive.
  6. I had ants in my pants, for real, when I was 4.  I stood in an ant hill in a ditch in front of our house & they all crawled up my legs.  I remember my dad running me into the bathroom & tossing me in the tub to wash them off.
  7. I was attacked by dogs when I was a kid but I have no recollection of the event.  I had on a fur coat that my grandma had bought me so they weren't able to break skin. 
  8. I owned & wore a fur coat in the AZ summer.  Refer to #7
  9. I had a hard time beginning today but now that I started I realize how much I enjoy Thursdays because I get to share randomness with everyone.
  10. I really miss cheese.


  1. I love lima beans too! Now I want some.

    How much school would you end up missing due to surgery? Is it possible to make it up, if it comes to that?

  2. They're great in chili!

    Well if it's like work, I'd probably miss 1 week or possibly 2. I'm still waiting to talk with an advisor about the tech school. Maybe my surgery can be scheduled around a break.

  3. Sky diving should definitely be in our future!


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