They DO exist! (readers, that is)

Wahoo!  My first follower, thanks Jenn! 

The waiting game is tough.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive!  I know it will fly by & in hindsight I'm sure I'll recall that it felt like a blink, but for today it's an eternity away.  Now that school is out for the semester I have more time to obsess think about the surgery, the possibilities, my plan for success.  I feel like I am consumed by this - reading every interesting blog to see how others' journeys are faring, sad to see that some stopped posting & wondering how they're doing today.  I'm sure my friends & family will be sick of the topic soon.  As for me, I'm on a mission.

Anyhoo, so to add another item to my "feeling 82" list: I pee like 3x a night.  WTH?  This is recently & I'm hoping it's just the end of a recent UTI.  I'm not sure what that's about but it can stop.  Now.  I LOVE my sleep & hate waking up when it's not time or I'm not ready (mornings are usually a challenge).

This dairy free thing sucks in some ways, not so bad in others.  It can be difficult when eating out since nearly everything has dairy.  So grilled chicken it is!  Surprisingly some things don't taste any different without cheese (ie sandwiches).  I guess it's really just added calories in most cases.  My BFF is researching vegan recipes as we speak - that is essentially the only way to avoid dairy, it seems.

My sweet boy knocks on my door this morning & asks me to come to the living room to "show you something".  He proceeds to pull out 3 pudding cups from his backpack, one smashed & explain that he'd brought us each a pudding from school but one exploded inside his bag.  He's the sweetest!  Apparently my dog jumped on his bag & crushed one of the pudding cups.  So we had a minor disaster this morning - luckily he has an extra backpack.  These kinds of gestures on his part melt my heart!

It's funny, after I post daily I can think of a million things to add to my next post but when I actually go to type it I can't remember what I wanted to add!  Guess that means it's time to sign off for now.

Have a great day!


  1. I remember the excitement stage you are at....I read so many blogs and loved reading everyones journey. I will add a shout out to you in my post try and get you some more followers! The cheese thing SUCKS....I love it WAY too much!

    1. You're awesome, that'd be great!
      Yes, it's sad. I feel like hosting a memorial for my dearly beloved, lost. :(


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