29, going on 82

After my post yesterday I found myself already contemplating what I would talk about next.  This blogging thing may or may not become an addiction outlet for me.

First let's talk Metamucil.  Yep, that orange flavored powder stuff in a can that you see with all of the other fiber supplements you associate with Gramps.  Let me go back a ways...

I have digestive issues & have been dealing with them for about 4-5 years now.  Meaning, there better be a bathroom nearby when I finish my meal.  I had my gall bladder out in 2010 for some major stones.  While that is usually a culprit, it did not help my issue any.  It didn't seem to matter what I ate, whether a greasy burger or a sandwich from Subway.  I also have been dealing with some pelvic pain for the past year so I went to see my GYN about that.  Last year I had my Mirena removed after it became embedded in my c-section scar tissue.  We thought that was the cause of my pain, but it never really went away.  So my GYN told me to see a gastroenterologist after I admitted my other issues with digestion, noting that I should see someone "before my bowels fall out".  Huh?!  That can happen?  Apparently, they could be related, one causing the other.  Anyhoo, so on Tuesday, along with my lap band consult I saw Dr. Wells.  He instructed me to cut out anything with milk for 2 weeks (NO!!!!!) and take Metamucil to see if it helps.  Oh, and he also gave me instructions to bring in a stool sample (you want me to what???).  Yes, super fun.  I'm thinking poo into the bucket & brink it back, right?  Nope, it's much more involved than that but probably TMI.  Let's just say it involves a catch bin, several small containers, rubber gloves, and a small wooden stick.

I am thrilled to say that so far the Metamucil & no milk has been helping (so I have yet to concern myself with the stool sample), but I do miss my cheese.  And why is it when you're trying to avoid something it is always around?  Thursday night I went to happy hour with some girls from work & the topic of conversation for the first was 20 min, no joke.  The girls next to me ordered 2 cheesy items: nachos (only the best nachos I've ever had) and the other had beer cheese for the pretzels we shared.  Areyoufreakingkiddingme?!  But, I do feel better and if this is the culprit I get to avoid a dreaded colonoscopy.  Has anyone ever really paid attention to how far that scope goes in?  Whoa...

BTW, Metamucil and Simply Orange are actually not bad.


My next little tidbit is regarding my EKG that was done at my consult.  It turns out I have a teeny tiny heart defect known as a bundle branch.  The doc simplified this for me saying basically the right side of my heart is a little bigger than my left because it has to work harder to pump blood.  NBD really he says and it just means my chances of needing a pacemaker at 85-90 are greater.  It appears I may also have sleep apnea which contributed to this defect.  So, more than ever I need this change in my life.  I do not want to live/die like my Grandma.  She was diagnosed in her early 30's with diabetes which contributed to congestive heart failure.  She was on oxygen & miserable for the last 10 years of her life.  I am scared to death that is my fate & this EKG has hit me like a brick wall.  Shit just got serious.  I have to do something now while I'm young enough to make a difference.

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