Tempting fate? More like tickling her feet...

So yesterday my friend & I had sushi for lunch at this great little place in N. Scottsdale - we go there about every 2 weeks.  Anyhoo, I broke down & opted for my favorite roll: Philly, which of course has cream cheese in it.  Apparently I can tolerate that little bit & it was heaven!  I hope I will be able to eat rice after I'm banded because I'd really miss our bi-weekly sushi trips.  Dot = 1, dairy = 0

I keep thinking about how my life is going to change in the next 6 months, year, and beyond.  Based on my blog readings from the lovely (mostly) ladies out there I feel like I have a good head start with the things I may come across.  So, even things as simply as my beloved sushi - going from 2 rolls to probably 1-2 pieces.  Insane.

I have started a list in my mind of things I want to get before my surgery: a food scale, the Ninja system for smoothies, etc.  I definitely need to find a decent soy protein (isolate, thanks Jenn for clarifying that!).

So that's it for now I guess.  I'm off to our annual company wide meeting.  I work for an awesome company & every month the big wigs broadcast a live meeting from our headquarters in Detroit.  It's not a typical meeting, more like The Late Show, and it even features guests & live music.

Oh, at some point I will get my weight ticker posted.  For some reason I keep getting an error saying the link is invalid... idk.

Weight today:  248


  1. You know I really don't miss too much..if I want it I just have to take my time. I will say that I miss taking a bite of of a big loaded up cheeseburger...but that quickly passes when I pull on my new smaller clothes. The big thing for me was figuring out why I ate in the first place. The emotional side of my eating really didn't become apparent until I couldn't do it. Thats when I realized how much of an emotional eater I was. I was never a binger..but some banders are and they find it difficult...this is a cool journey to discover yourself!

  2. Welcome to The Club. I found your blog through Jennxaz. I really recommend Unjury brand protein shakes. I find they r the 'smoothest' out there and great tasting too. Check out their website; u can order a sample package. I'm so excited for u and happy to meet u.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll check them out!


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