Pie & ice cream

Had lunch today with my sis, her hubby, my niece, and mom. I'd already told my sis about my interest in the band & about my surgery in November (fingers crossed) but I wasn't sure about my mom. She has always been supportive about my losing weight & even suggested weight loss studies when she hears about them but for some reason I was still a bit nervous about telling her my plan for the band. I went for it today & she was completely on board with me & even mentioned that she'd wondered if I ever considered it before. I'm so lucky to have the support of my family!

On another note, it is very hard to grocery shop when I can't eat lactose because everything has milk in it! I had to read every label of every item I picked up. I know this is good habit to follow anyway but I guess I never knew how many things have milk!

PS everyone shared pecan pie & vanilla ice cream with lunch. Sad face. 

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