Spandex & Motivation

I've outfatted my jeans.   
I broke down Saturday & headed to the thrift store to pick up some jeans/shorts that fit me.  It was a little tough to face, but I know this is only temporary & soon enough I'll be buying jeans because the ones I have are too BIG.  I did pick up a black summer dress that's a bit snug but I'll be able to wear it after I lose a few pounds.  It's strange really how much sizes can vary between brands.  I ended up with a 20W and a 22 in another brand.  I've never worn anything larger than a 19 (thank you LEI Junior plus).  I am at my heaviest point. 
I've been MIA the past few days; I just wasn't feeling it for some reason.  I wonder if I started my blog too early.  I'm trying to get approved for surgery so losing weight isn't my focus - the other pre-op checklist items are - so while everyone reading is working so hard to stay on track I'm stuffing my fat face 4x per day to get into the habit of breaking up meals.  My choices are poor for the most part (albeit dairy free!) because I'm afraid to lose & not be approved by insurance.  Oh what a strange "game" this is.  I certainly don't want to brag blog about what I eat.  So I guess I was just at a loss... no pun intended.  I'm trying not to focus too much on it because I feel like it's slowing time down.  Logically I know time isn't going any faster or slower based on where my mind is, but it sure seems that way.  So for now I'm trying to focus on work, family, and process how much my life is going to change while not obsessing about it.
Moving on...
Sunday we went to the lake with some friends.  It was a beautiful day - didn't even realize the 107° weather.  John took his new (to him) truck & even got to play in the mud.  We're hoping to head out again this weekend.  I'm definitely getting my tan going nicely this summer!
So I have started a mental list of items I'd like to purchase for my journey.  I'm captivated by the Ninja commercials.  My boyfriend has mentioned wanting one (he loves to cook) but knowing that I'll be on a liquid/soft food diet & drinking a ton of protein shakes I'm now on board.  I also want a new scale, maybe one that reads body fat.  Does anyone have suggestions on a decent & affordable product?  I bought my scale from Walmart a few years back & have been pleased with it but lately it's inconsistent.  I've changed the batteries but I just don't trust it.  I'm also considering a food scale.  After reading some blogs it seems it may prove useful.  So, my question is what "tools" do you feel are essential to this process?  Aside from the obvious: spandex & motivation.


  1. I have a food scale and have used it with many diets. I really appreciate mine. As for a scale, I just recently bought a new one but it's just a basic one from Target. As I find out what helps me, I'll let you know!

  2. A reliable scale is crucial to me. I don't want to get a different reading when I step off and step back on! I want to know the number is trustworthy. Mine is an EverWeigh, not expensive at all, digital, and very consistent, if you are looking for a suggestion.

  3. Thanks ladies! I'll be scale shopping soon. I think I'll break down & buy the Ninja system, too.


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