1.)  That's how many days since my last post.  Every day few days I thought about blogging but I just didn't have much to say or was just too tired.  This past week has been hectic.  

2.)  Sunday we drove to Wickenburg to drop off donations for the fire evacuees.  We stayed there to watch the funeral procession for the 19 fallen firefighters.  Talk about sullen...
The support of the locals along the roadside from Phoenix all the way to Wickenburg & beyond was amazing & heart wrenching at the same time.

3.)  Tuesday night we had an awards ceremony at work so most of the "work" day was spent primping & prepping for that since we didn't get off early to have time to prepare.  It was quite an affair, held at the Scottsdale Princess resort.  Although, the big dudes in Detroit should really try to remember that it reaches 150,000° here in July.  Needless to say I felt like a sweaty mess but it was fun to dress up.  One of the girls here does hair/makeup so she did a super cute pin up style for me.  I wore a green dress with white polka dots (yep, that's how I roll) along with brown strappy sandals.  I didn't win any awards but it was still fun to dress up.  I'm lucky enough to work with my BFF so we got to be girly together that day.

4.)  Yesterday we had ISMs day at work (ISMs are the principles we live by here at work).  200+ team members & affiliates hung out at Westworld, stuffing our faces with breakfast, lunch & snacks all day while our CEO spoke about our culture, beliefs & why we're such an awesome company.  I love my job!

So today it's back to business.  Time to refocus.

5.)  I haven't been making great food choices lately.  I didn't order Bountiful Baskets this week or last.  Last week I ended up throwing several things away that went bad before we used them & this week I just ran out of time.  Aunt Flo should be arriving shortly so that hasn't helped spark my desire for nutritious, wholesome foods either.

6.)  I'm hoping to have enough leftover cash with this paycheck to pick up an elliptical machine.  It's WAY too hot to walk, even in the morning.  The humidity lately has been ridiculous, too.  Yeah, 51% humidity may not seem like a lot to some of you but for us Phoenicians used to "dry heat" this is INSANITY.

7.)  My 3rd nutrition appointment is on Tuesday then I have my ultrasound, EGD and psych appointments on Thursday.  Wow (nearly) 3 down with 3 to go.  I know when school starts it will go by even faster which is nice.  

8.)  I actually feel worse lately.  My body aches, I've been waking up more because I "snore" myself awake - I'm told this is due to the sleep apnea, something I would have never known.  It just seems like this can't come soon enough!

9.)  I forgot this was TTT until this point so I just went back & numbered my paragraphs!

10.)  John & I figured out our vacation plans: we're going to Knott's Berry Farm at the end of August.  It'll be so much fun!


  1. I love your hair. And I also have a polkadot dress. I just cant fit into it just yet, hope fully I will before the end of summer.

    9 days between blogs is OK. I have not been blogging much lately because I havent felt like I had anything interesting to say.

    and can you send some of that sun to me, it has been so cold here, summer has not arrived, think it got lost somewhere over the USA

    1. I love polka dots! I was the ONLY girl in a polka dot green dress... haha! And I'll gladly trade you weather for a while. :)

  2. Good to hear from you! Though, I've been lacking on the blogging lately too. My weight went up again this week so I am annoyed, again. I'm going in for my first check up and fill on Monday.
    It. Can't. Come. Soon. Enough.

    1. I've been thinking about you, wondering how you're doing. Sorry to hear about the gain! Keep me posted.

  3. That updo is gorgeous! Sounds like you work for a great company.

  4. I love polka dots too! Your co-worker who did your hair did a wonderful job. Sounds like a fun event.


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