~ NSV ~

Today I did a push-up.  A real, no-knees, man-style push-up.  Go me!

I wanted to share this & then I realized I've yet to share my NSVs.  So, here's a short list of my non-scale victories:

  • I've dropped 3 pant sizes, 1 shirt size
  • My upper thighs & biceps are becoming more defined.  Muscles are sexy!
  • I started running & can do so successfully for 3-5 min at a time
  • I hiked 5 mi last Saturday & cannot wait to hike it again this weekend
  • I am consistently working out 5-6 x per week
  • My team members (aka co-workers) call me "skinny" (I'm far from it, but it's still nice to get the feedback)
Good stuff!


Last Saturday I tied on my tutu, pulled up my white socks, and laced up my sneakers for my first 5k.  My friend Lissy & I trotted our tushies over 3.1 miles of pavement, winding in and out of stations where we were showered with brightly colored black light powder (aka corn starch).  By the end of the "fun run" we were colored from head to toe.  And we had a blast!  We jogged, we walked, we skipped and made our way across the finish line in under 40 minutes.  We.  Rocked.

What's next?  Our first obstacle 5k on April 5... in the MUD!  I am so stoked for this.  These are the kind of events that I would only have thought about briefly before dismissing in the past.  Now my calendar is full of fun runs and 5Ks over the next 2 months.  Seven to be exact.  I even signed up for one in November that scares the sh.. stuff out of me, but I'm going to do it.  Oh and in January I'll be tackling the PF Chang's mini marathon.  My logic?  It's only 5 mi.  I've got this.  

Needless to say I'm feeling great!  I had my 3 mos post op with my surgeon yesterday.  He is thrilled with my progress - and so am I!  I'm down a total of 47lbs.  I have 53 to go until I reach my goal of 100 total lost.  I've been working out 4-6 times per week, running and/or boxing.  I'm adding hiking into the mix as week so I can prepare for a trip in April to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon with my mom.  Big plans!

Food wise I'm doing well.  I have good days & bad days as far as choices but I'm still very limited on portions.  Sometimes I feel hungry but whether I'm "starving" or not I still eat about the same amount - 1/2 to 1 c of food.  I haven't found any foods that upset my stomach or don't work with my system.  It's been a really nice change since I had so many issues before surgery.

I'm becoming this person that I don't think I knew I could be.  It's to the point know where I feel guilty if I don't work out or get myself moving.  I'm still getting used to this, and some days I look in the mirror & cannot see the changes, but either way I love where this is going.


Overachiever, much?


That is the number of 5Ks I have committed to in the next 3 months.  I guess if I'm going to overdo something it's better that it's exercise rather than food, right?

So this week I took my handy dandy smartphone and downloaded the C25K app (that's Couch 2 5K). Yeah I know, so 2 years ago but it's helping me.  Last night I completed my first run: 5 min warm up followed by 20 minutes of jogging/walking intervals.  To add to that, my team leader has decided to start a running club at work.  Of course I joined.  So Mondays & Wednesdays I'll be using my super cool app to get my butt in gear for my first 5K on March 15.  I intend to run at least half of that 5K while be covered in multi-colored foam.  Afterward I fully intend to shake my ever-shrinking booty to the music.

Soon I'll be adding "runner" to the list of words to describe me.  That is something I would have never thought could happen and now I intend to ensure that it does.  Although, I'm sure what I think I look like running and what I actually look like are two completely different things!

I'll be a busy girl, running 2 days a week and boxing 2-3.  I told my boyfriend I hope he doesn't get tired of this, but he's super dreamy and supportive of the whole thing.  I'm so glad he gets it - that makes me feel better about "me" time.


Yeah, I'm a boxer.

2 months, 2 weeks.

41 lbs.

18.875 inches.

I am doing this.  

I've taken up boxing, which I love.  It's a tough workout but after only (roughly) 10 classes I already feel stronger in my core, more defined in my arms & legs.  Not to mention I'm one tough chick!

I have biceps!  Who knew?

After obsessively weighing myself daily I've decided my weigh in day will be Wednesdays.  My scale is now tucked away in the corner of my bathroom to help me avoid temptation.

I have accomplished so much in these few months.  Just 59 measly lbs until I reach my goal.

I can do this!


Still here...

Been crazy busy lately.  I'm training at work for underwriting so my focus has been on that.  In addition, I just closed on my very own home!  This is a huge accomplishment for me since I did it on my own.  Although I am very excited to share the joy with my love & my son.  We'll be moving on 2/10.  I hired movers but I have yet to start packing.  I'm procrastinating hard core!

Not much change in weight.  I've been able to eat more these past few days.  That or I've just been pushing which isn't a good thing.  I'm down 34 total since Nov.  66 lbs to reach my goal of losing 100 total.

No new recipes to share as of yet - I haven't been cooking a lot, though I really need to.  I feel terrible eating badly & feeding junk to my family.  I know it isn't good for any of us, I just struggle with finding the time/energy to cook at the end of the night!  I really should make use of the crockpot more often.  Hmm, maybe I'll work on a crockpot turkey meatloaf.  That seems doable.

I've been weighing daily but I think I need to change gears & weigh in 1x per week... officially.  I'm sure I won't avoid the scale completely but maybe it's time for a change.

We adopted a doggy this past weekend.  She's a Neapolitan Mastiff / Boxer mix & totes adorbs.  Yep I just typed that... I took her on a walk tonight & she does so great on a leash!  I am going to start my morning walks again with her as my walking buddy.

I'm beat after a long busy weekend... here it is 8:30 and I'm ready for bed!  On that note, I'm off!


Ch-ch-changes! And a recipe...

My friend who had lap-band surgery a few months ago wil be joining my blog to share recipes, tips, nsv, etc. Together we'll share our journeys - ups & downs.

I hope you stick around to see what's coming. 

The other night I had a craving for something a little crunchy but still fitting my "mushies" stage so I thought potato pancakes would be good. I took it a step further and made sweet potato pancakes. These delicious morsels pack 12.9 g of protein per serving (2 pancakes) and only 85 cals. 

They turned out really tasty, just a little bit sweet, and everyone who tried them loved them!  The recipe below makes 16 pancakes, 8 servings. 

2 med yams/sweet potatoes (or 1 pouch of Organics Steamers from Costco)
1 1/2 c egg whites
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract 

Mix all ingredients and cook on a hot griddle. These may stick so use spray if needed. The tops will bubble like pancakes but keep an eye on them so they don't burn. Each pancake is 2 tbsp batter. 



Week 3

I'm a week into the "mushies" and boy it's been great to have more variety!  I was having issues with the liquid phase simply because I felt empty & needed to feel satisfied.  I was NOT hungry, just felt like I needed something with more substance.  I've been enjoying cottage cheese, avocados, soft cheese (Laughing Cow), sweet potatoes, etc.  I have 3 more weeks of this (4 weeks total) then I can eat more normally.  I won't be able to have steak, but soft meats like fish and ground meats.  Now I can pretty much eat anything that doesn't require chewing.

Since pre-op (11/21) I've lost a total of 23.5 lbs.  Since surgery on 12/5 I've lost 13.  It's a lot to lose in a few weeks yet I can't help but feeling like it's slow.  I know, it's completely ridiculous to feel like that.  I am so happy I made this decision & I can't wait to see my progress over the next few months.

I'll try to be better at posting, I just haven't felt like I have much to say recently. 

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