Rant & Randomness

The school called yesterday to tell me my son was in the principal's office, again.  My darling son is impulsive & has always struggled with keeping his hands to himself.  He is not a bully, don't get me wrong.  In fact I've had staff tell me he's usually reacting to something another kid did first.  He's a boy, I know he makes dumb choices & starts it too - I am not that naive.

I have yet to find a suitable punishment that makes any sort of difference to him.  My kid can entertain himself with a pebble, seriously (hello, ADHD).  He's on open enrollment to go to the school which means he can be kicked out if he continues causing issues.  This freaks me out because I love his school.  It's a great location & I feel good about him attending.  Our home school is quite different - it caters to the Spanish speaking community & was just not a good fit for him.  So he's grounded, again, and will have to miss our Memorial Day camping trip to the river - that is if his dad can take him that weekend. 

On the flip side, sometimes I feel like schools are WAY to sensitive these days which I know is partly due to parents being overprotective & uber sue happy.  Let's face it, most kids are raised to be pansies nowadays because they're coddled.  Remember playing tag?  I do.  I also remember chasing a friend around the playground & pinching each other's shoulder.  No one cried, no one told.  And if we DID get in trouble we had to sit on the wall at recess, nbd.  But now it's referrals & principal's office.  Sometimes boys will be boys, that's all.  And frankly, I was picked on for being fat.  My mom never called the school to tell on the kid or make the school handle it.  No, she helped me figure out ways to cope & good come backs to shout back at the a-holes.  Kids are mean.  Kids are a-holes.  Grow a pair, seriously.  When my kid is picked on I tell him it's probably because he picked on someone else, agree that it sucks, then tell him to get back up again & brush it off.  There will always be bullies, there will always be a-holes but I won't always be around to solve his problems so he has to learn to deal.

End of rant.

Onto randomness.... I bought a new pair of Chucks 
And the flat bread honey mustard sandwich from Wendy's is tasty! 
Oops sorry for the food porn.

I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the AZ ladies.  It will be nice to have a group of locals going through the same thing, steps ahead of me, to talk about the joys of being fat, skinny, and in between.

Maybe I jumped the gun & started my blog a bit early but I was excited to get this down on paper, er internet, rather.  I won't be posting a lot about exercising or diet since my goal is to get approved for the surgery & I'm just barely over the magic number.  This must sound terrible.  Insurance companies are so backwards.  So right now I'm working on the items my surgeon laid out: eating 4 meals per day, taking a multi vitamin, etc.  And I'm trying to educate myself through the journeys of others so I can prepare myself as much as possible for what lies ahead.  I was laying in bed last night talking with my boyfriend, John, and he is telling me how beautiful I am & how he's happy that I'm doing something for myself, my health.  Then we talked about the different fruit/protein shakes we can make.  I am so lucky to have his support.  The next 5 months can't go by fast enough!


  1. It makes a world of difference to have the support of loved ones! I couldn't ask for more support from my boyfriend and stepkids, and I am grateful for that.

    Oh, I completely agree that kids are coddled now. Kids today could never have played with me and my brothers and our friends. We had an unwritten "no whining" rule! And my parents didn't put up with whining either. If there wasn't something seriously wrong, we better not be crying about it. We were taught to handle ourselves and take care of ourselves, which is what parents are supposed to teach, not "Mommy and Daddy will baby you until you are still living with us when you are 40".

  2. I agree...I have a boy and I think they totally over-react anymore at school. cute chucks! Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Looking forward to following you and cheering you on along the way!!

  4. I agree that everyone is just too darn sensitive these days. Love the new shoes! And I blogged all through my 6 month pre op diet too. It's hard not to obsess and this gives everyone a realistic view of your decision process and your back story. :)


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