It's official, I have followerS!  Welcome everyone!  I started this as on online journal, mostly for me to create some accountability.  I figured it would be cool if it interested anyone or maybe even helps someone in the future.  But now that people are actually reading, well I'm just giddy!

You few are my inspiration, truly.  I've read your blogs & that is what made me want to start mine.  Not only that, it makes this journey that much more important & exciting to me because I can share it with others who are actually going through it & can relate.

So, thanks everyone!  Keep your hands & feet inside the vehicle.  Enjoy the ride.

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  1. Ha ha, I just started my blog a month or so ago, and I still check how many followers I have as soon as I sign in. It's so great to see new ones. Welcome to blogging! From your newest follower :)


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