Cheesy, without the cheese

I hope all of my non-existent readers had a good mother's day yesterday. :)  I spent mine at the lake with my sweetheart, my son, and good friends.  It was a good day. 

So far so good on the no-dairy front.  I miss the idea of cheese more than the food itself, I think.  It's hardly noticeable on sandwiches.  I mean, obviously nachos are no longer an option.  Or pizza.  I've heard of veggie cheese, maybe I'll give that a try, but it seems hardly worth it.  And it looks like I'll need to find a lactose free protein, that should be interesting.

Anyhoo, over the weekend I started thinking about some things I look forward to, NSV I have in mind.  These are just a few, I know there will be many more to come.
  • a defined jawline/neck
  • real actual arm pits, mine are more convex right now
  • thighs that don't touch (I'm hoping this is realistic since I carry a lot in my thighs)
  • jeans that fit comfortably - I refuse to go to a larger size so I'm squeezing into my 18's
  • hiking with my sweetheart & kiddo and actually being able to breathe!
I'm really excited about the possibilities the band will bring.  I know I have a long road ahead of me.  These next few months will likely drag, I just hope this will work out for me & the wait will be worth it.  My sweetheart is super supportive & also excited for me.  We want to get a Bowflex to weight train together - he's not overweight but wants to shape up & lose a few if possible.  He said me this weekend that if what my surgeon says is true (that his goal for me is 100 lbs down in a year) he will be able to carry me through the door on our wedding day.  :)  He also is realistic & told me that if this doesn't work out there are other ways to lose weight & he'll support me in whatever I choose.  I'm so lucky!

Cheesy girl moment, done.

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  1. great goals and I love how supportive everyone around you is!


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