Overachiever, much?


That is the number of 5Ks I have committed to in the next 3 months.  I guess if I'm going to overdo something it's better that it's exercise rather than food, right?

So this week I took my handy dandy smartphone and downloaded the C25K app (that's Couch 2 5K). Yeah I know, so 2 years ago but it's helping me.  Last night I completed my first run: 5 min warm up followed by 20 minutes of jogging/walking intervals.  To add to that, my team leader has decided to start a running club at work.  Of course I joined.  So Mondays & Wednesdays I'll be using my super cool app to get my butt in gear for my first 5K on March 15.  I intend to run at least half of that 5K while be covered in multi-colored foam.  Afterward I fully intend to shake my ever-shrinking booty to the music.

Soon I'll be adding "runner" to the list of words to describe me.  That is something I would have never thought could happen and now I intend to ensure that it does.  Although, I'm sure what I think I look like running and what I actually look like are two completely different things!

I'll be a busy girl, running 2 days a week and boxing 2-3.  I told my boyfriend I hope he doesn't get tired of this, but he's super dreamy and supportive of the whole thing.  I'm so glad he gets it - that makes me feel better about "me" time.


Yeah, I'm a boxer.

2 months, 2 weeks.

41 lbs.

18.875 inches.

I am doing this.  

I've taken up boxing, which I love.  It's a tough workout but after only (roughly) 10 classes I already feel stronger in my core, more defined in my arms & legs.  Not to mention I'm one tough chick!

I have biceps!  Who knew?

After obsessively weighing myself daily I've decided my weigh in day will be Wednesdays.  My scale is now tucked away in the corner of my bathroom to help me avoid temptation.

I have accomplished so much in these few months.  Just 59 measly lbs until I reach my goal.

I can do this!

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