Fat girl problem #976

The friction of my thighs rubbing together is causing the formation of a hole in my favorite jeans not so far from my lady parts. 

The highlight of my evening last night was discovering that I can still have Oreos on my "no dairy" diet. I'm sorry I know it's wrong but I had to post. I'm still a fat girl & will always be on the inside. It's ok to have just 1... roll. Jk. 
Today I'm foggy again.  Let me preface this by stating I am not a pill popper.  I have meds lying around my house that I never used but I keep them around in case I ever need them.  Case & point: my mother gave me her lorazepam a little while back because it makes her too foggy.  I'd mentioned feeling anxious at times & that my doc suggested Ambian & something else - which I never filled.  Anyhoo, for the first time ever last night I decided it was a good time to try them, glutton for punishment I guess.  So I'm laying there at 10 something o'clock thinking "these aren't working, I still wanna run around the blo... zzzzzzz".  Next thing I know it's morning & John's alarm is going off.  Wow.  So clearly that wasn't a good idea with only 7-8 hours of sleep.  Now I"m here sipping a green apple Rockstar & pretending to work.
On a side note, one of my leads just called another team member a "pasty faced cheese head" for wearing a Packers jersey, of course I thought he said "tasty faced cheese head" which would also make sense.
It's Friday people!  Happy Friday Dance, woo!
Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm out until Monday.
I leave you with this:
Today is International Tiara Day...

International Tiara Day is not what you think. It's a day to "embrace and celebrate" your powers of leadership. You don't need to wear a real tiara, you can always print one out or make a trip to Burger King for a crown.  The Miss American Rose Pageants is the group behind the holiday. Did you know that tiaras have their own carrying cases that look like old-fashioned train cases?


  1. I am a new follower in AZ and scheduled for lap band on June 20! I can't tell you how many favorite jeans I have had to throw away because of a hole on my thighs. :(

  2. Welcome Alli! I'm so excited for your upcoming surgery. You'll be another to add to my list of inspirations! I'm curious to know who your surgeon is & where you're having the procedure. I'm going through WLIA.


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