Comfort Food

I left work early today with horrible cramps; I'm really thinking I have endometriosis but after talking to my doctor I'm not sure it's worth the surgery to check it out considering the treatment options which consist of burning the tissue, hormone therapies, or just pain meds.  So I crashed for several hours today after taking a Percocet.  I'm sure my leader wasn't too happy but I just couldn't concentrate.  

Anyway, the only thing I want when I'm sick is food - unless it's a stomach bug.  I stopped at Arby's on my way home & threw my non-dairy diet out the window.  Surprisingly I didn't get sick but of course afterward I feel like a greasy fat mess.  This is just one of the many habits I need to break.  There are many things that offer me comfort, I just need to turn to those instead.  

I'm sitting here reviewing my patient list of goals which includes changing my meds over to liquid, powder or chewable form.  Have any of you done this with birth control?  Is this even an option?  I know I can take the Flinstones chewable vitamins which my son will love.  And has anyone ever done a sleep study for apnea?  My surgeon thinks I may have it & marked sleep testing as one of my goals.

I called to talk to my dad today & tell him about my lap band.  He was surprised that I'm heavy enough; I had to explain that I carry my weight inside - visceral fat - and I weigh more than it looks like.  Anyway he seems supportive & offered to come out if I need help after the surgery.  Although he did make a comment like "stop eating".  He of all people should understand that it's not that simple being that he's been overweight most of his life, too.  Do I eat healthy?  Not really.  Is the reason I'm fat mostly my fault, yes.  But there are other factors at hand: genes, emotions, convenience, etc.  The band is a tool to help me conquer/overcome these factors, or better manage them.  I think people get the impression that it's going to be butterflies & rainbows.  I'll lose the weight & it'll be so easy.  Not the case.  I know this, but frankly I don't know if I want to have to explain it to people, which makes me think I'll be selective about those I tell.  I don't really care what people think, I just don't like feeling like I need to explain anything to anyone.  I guess I have some time to figure it out.


  1. I can still take pills the size of an eraser and birth control should not be a problem...and until you get your fill restriction to the green zone you will be able to take larger pills. Sounds though like you will need to start to analyze your need to eat to comfort you i.e. emotional eating...this is a tough on to overcome and I still battle with it today.

  2. As far as vitamins go, I take the gummy kind and they are actually pretty good.

    You really aren't obligated to explain anything to anybody about the lap band. If someone is worried, like a family member, and doesn't seem to understand, then maybe talking with them is a good idea, but the general public or co-workers or the like...really not their business!


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