Food Friday (apparently)

Panda Express is screaming at me from the conference room next to my desk.  They brought in lunch today for the entire floor - about a weekly occurrence here.  But I'm resisting.  Yep.  My stomach is nearly doing somersaults over here, yelling out "I'm doing flips, feed me!  Hey!  Hello!?"  It's pure food torture (see photo).
But I'm not going to do it.  Nope.  Instead my friends & I are going to Rubio's.  I've scouted the menu for calories, fats, sodium & predetermined my meal.  I have a plan.  Whoa.  Insert applause here.  This is kind of a big deal.
I'm doing well, food wise.  I've been at/under my calorie goal all week & resisted temptations left & right.  We've had lunch brought in at least 2x this week, there's been birthday cake, and the ever present popcorn & slushies that live in the breakroom.  Oh wait, I did indulge a bit in the leftover Oreos in my desk drawer but there were only 3, exactly 1 serving, and it was really just enough.  I'm not sure why I needed to eat the entire bag/roll in the past when 1 serving is plenty.
I've been online shopping this week; Amazon loves me.  I bought an indoor grill/panini press, a new bathroom scale, a pressure cooker, a protein mixer bottle, and some new cases for my phone.  Which, btw finally shipped today!  I'm also in the market for an elliptical.  My work will pay me back $100 of the purchase price so that's pretty awesome. 
Oh forgot to mention that I tried Rice Dream frozen dessert as a substitute for ice cream.  It's not too bad actually, different texture than ice cream in that you can't really let it melt on your tongue because it's not as smooth.  Hard to explain.  I also bought Soy Dream, but I haven't tried that yet.  I'm just happy to have alternatives that I'm able to stomach.  I love ice cream so I was worried, truly.
In other news, my best bud (whom I'm lucky enough to also work with) spilled salsa on her pants.  She now reminds me of the kid in Superbad after dancing with the girl at the party.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  It's funny & mindless, a good Friday night cocktail & friends kind of movie.
On that note, I'm going back to my delicious lunch!  Happy Friday my dears!


  1. That is commitment! You are doing awesome!

  2. You are doing the purchases and food work!


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