Happy Thursday!

1) The guy who sits in the desk behind me eats like a cow chewing his cud.  I shall call him Chompie McChomperson.
2) My lunch today is delicious!  I'm having a turkey sandwich on a multi grain round flatbread with jalapeno & cilantro hummus and soy cheese.  On the side:  grape tomatoes & carrots with more hummus and jicama.  Nom.
3) Last night I was Susy Homemaker.  I made mashed potatoes & corn to go with my crockpot chicken.  It was tasty!  And, I even washed the dishes & cleaned the kitchen.  That's a big step for me as my dishes usually sit in the sink for extended periods of time.
4) I've decided that I love shopping at Trader Joe's.  I miss Fresh & Easy (they closed the one near me) so this is a great alternative & on my way home.
5) My lapband friend said I can ask her anything I want but since I've had you ladies I can't think of anything to ask that I haven't already learned about through you all!
6) I still didn't pull myself out of bed this morning to walk. 
7) I'm going swimming tonight with a friend so we can both exercise.
8) My thighs are rubbing holes in my favorite jeans.  I can't wait until this is no longer an issue!
9) My son has been with his dad for the past week & he comes home tomorrow.  I miss him so much!
10) My Jeep needs work so I'll be playing little miss grease monkey this weekend & changing my oil, like a boss!  Did I mention it will be 150° by 9:00 am?

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  1. It is wayyy too hot out...and I love trader joes...wish there was one closer..lunch sounds yummy! Have a fabulous weekend!


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