Booty shaking happy dance

I just found out a dear friend of mine, whom I haven't been the greatest at keeping in touch with, just had band surgery on 6/6!  She reached out to me today to talk about job stuff & just let it slip.  She isn't telling too many people but I'm so glad she shared it with me.  I was so excited to tell her that I'm on my journey, too.  She started in January with the same place I tried before (also in January).  She's about 10lbs down already & feeling good, just tired.  This is super exciting!  I know I have you ladies' blogs, etc but it's a bit different to have someone you know in real life also going through it.  This is why I need to meet my AZ ladies! 
Side note, lunch again today was tasty!  I polished off the other 1/2 of my eggplant wrap with some veggies & hummus.  It could use a bit more protein though, maybe I'll add a boiled egg.

Oh, it has been brought to my attention that people are not able to post comments to my blog.  I think I've corrected the issue. 
Ok, back to Amazon shopping work!


  1. How nice to have another friend to share support with along the way! (And that you found out by her letting it "slip" lol...)

  2. I'm glad the comment issue has been fixed! I was getting sad I couldn't post to you! haha! When/where is your bountiful basket pickup? Let me know how is goes. Maybe I need to face the fact that I'm an adult and not let sleeping in be a priority... Maybe.. Haha!

    1. I pick it up Saturday morning by my house @ 7:00am. There was a TON of locations to choose from when I ordered it so I'm sure there's one near you in Tempe. I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Yay, you fixed your comment issue! I tried to leave a comment yesterday and couldn't. I didn't want you to think I wasn't still reading your blog!

    How great your friend also has the surgery! You can talk about it and share the journey with someone in real life :)


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