Smooth Criminal

Where do I begin?
Sunday we went to the lake & had a good day, mostly.  Late in the day the Maricopa County sheriff's deputy approached our group apparently looking for our day use passes.  Wait, what?  We were in a primitive area behind the lake, no facilities & there's a fee?  Ok fine, so then I ask if I can pay the fee (which is $6, btw).  No, no that wouldn't be fair to the others' who received violations along the water that day.  He proceeds to write me a ticket, a criminal freaking ticket!  So I can't even just pay the fine, no I have to take a day off work to go to court & see the judge.  What an ass.  On top of that he couldn't even tell me where the pay stations for the area are located.  Even more so, on the way out there were 2 vehicles parked in a dirt lot clearly marked "No staging" (this means you can't leave your vehicle/trailer unattended there while you go out on the trails with ATVs, etc).  Did they have passes?  Nope.  Did they have tickets on their windshields?  Nope, a simple orange warning sticker from the same officer stating "this is not a citation".  What?!  It wouldn't be fair to NOT write me a ticket yet he can justify not writing these law breakers one?  I'm not pleased, to say the least.
That set off a chain of events that made for quite a night.  John & I got into a fight that was pretty bad so we were up late.  Yesterday I was emotionally hungover so I decided I needed a comfort food day.  I ate anything & everything I wanted.  We did make up & everything is ok now.
Today I'm feeling a bit better, still tired though.  I had a weird dream that woke me early gasping for air.  It was strange.  My EGD/ultrasound/psych have been rescheduled to July 18.  My insurance company won't cover procedures at my surgeon's surgical center so we had to move it to a facility with emergency services.  My next nutrition appointment is that Tuesday so it'll be a busy week.  I'm just glad they re-ran my insurance now & not after the procedure.  Silver lining!
Ok I feel like today I'm just being a whiner so I'll end it here.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Sometimes you just have to wake up to a new day and let the old one go! This week will be great!

  2. I would have been annoyed by that ticket too, especially if others were not getting tickets. Did you happen to take pictures of the cars with just warnings on them? Maybe it wouldn't matter, but I would have.

    1. I absolutely did! They're attached to my motion to dismiss I sent to the judge today. :)


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