This way or that way?

If you hadn't guessed, I'm a bit indecisive & maybe a tad OCD.  I guess I'd consider myself a
somewhat creative person so because of this I will likely change my blog layout many times before settling.  Although, I have a thing for stars so I may stick with this one.  Hopefully everyone can stick with me on this rollercoaster ride, meaning my weigh loss journey & my frequent blog makeovers.
Happy Friday everyone! 
I'm having trouble focusing today; I just can't get motivated at work.  I started a new position May 1st & it is less-than challenging, to say the least.  I do like what I do but I'm definitely ready for some variety in my life.  Wait, I'm sending a pattern here...
My kiddo is off to his dad's for the next week so I'll be enjoying some quiet time with my sweetie, John.  He works tomorrow so I'll have most of the day to myself which will be nice.  Although, usually by day 2-3 I'm missing my kiddo.  We're headed to the lake on Sunday, again, so that will be nice.
My BFF & I hit Costco yesterday for some water, protein shakes, and Clif bars.  This will help me to eat breakfast at work everyday instead of stopping on my way in.  The shakes will also be good for snacks since I'm supposed to get in a routine of eating 4x per day.  I won't talk about how my day ended yesterday, let's just say we went out to lunch & I likely consumed too many calories.  I did, however, swap my fries for a side salad so it's a start.  Also, half of my lunch ended up being dinner too so it's possible that I didn't do terribly bad. 
I guess this dairy thing is sort of a blessing in disguise.  Wait, hear me out... one of my leaders is getting pizza from Barro's today - one of my favorites - but since I can't have cheese it's a heck of a lot easier to turn it down.  Boom!  Silver lining.
Well my lovelies that's all the time I have for you today.  Make it a great one!

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