Listen all of ya'll, it's a sabotage!

Don't mind my Beastie Boys reference ( sorry that's in your head now)... but truly I'm in that self sabotage mode.  I start my days out pretty decent but the afternoon/evening comes & it's a pig fest.  I definitely got in my protein yesterday so that's a plus, but I went over on calories, fat & sugars.  This is a daily battle that I'm eventually going to win.  Oh and the 150° weather isn't helping my case for exercise (walking) either. 
What's this?  Another excuse... yeah, that happened. 
So tomorrow my goal is to pull my butt out of bed 30 min early to get my walking done.  This is something I have to do, it's good for me!  Why is it is so hard to motivate ourselves to do good things for our bodies?  It should be super easy because in the end we always feel better.  It just doesn't make sense.  I keep telling myself "I have time, my surgery (maybe) isn't until late this year.  Yeah that's my procrastinating self jumping in.  I need to shut that bitch up!
Today is a new day.  I'm determined to stay on track - all day - and get some sort of movement in.  Maybe I'll walk circles around the office.  We do have a parking garage I can walk at lunch so it's not directly in the scorching sun.  I will figure it out.  I will get my ass in gear!
On a side note, I did sign up for a Bountiful Basket yesterday.  I'm really excited to pick it up on Saturday, despite the fact that I have to pull myself out of bed early.  Hey, I guess I'll be up early enough to walk, huh?  I love fruits/vegetables but my downfall is that I don't prep them so they tend to go bad.  My goal is to cook more at home & I am hoping that having so many choices on hand will help.  Baby steps, right?
Oh I bought a Kindle book on Amazon the other day:  Living with the Band by Victoria Ashton.  It's a good read so far.  She tells her story of abuse & her struggle with her weight as an adult.  I'll keep you posted; I think I can share copies if anyone is interested.  Has anyone else read good books about those with the band?  I really enjoy reading others' stories, hence the blogs.  It's motivational & helps give me an idea of what to expect, both the ups & downs.
Anyhoo, I better get some work done.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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