It's getting creative up in here

  1. I've cooked dinner at home every night since last week.  I am proud of myself as this is a pretty huge accomplishment.  Tonight's menu included chicken scampi over rice with a salad made of romaine, apples, carrots, raisins & poppy seed dressing.
  2. I kicked butt at work today; my production was my highest yet & I reviewed 30 calls.
  3. I've consistently kept track of my meals on MyFitnessPal & stayed at or under my calorie goals.
  4. My bonus this month is shockingly large, so much that I approached the DVP to ensure it's accurate.  She was so thrilled with my honesty that she said even if it's wrong (which I'm positive it is) she's not going to correct it.  Woo!
  5. I was so worried about being broke after surgery because I won't have any paid time off but now my worries are gone (refer to #4).
  6. I signed up for 2 online classes this Fall.  I've decided to pursue a degree in dietetics (nutrition).  Yet another reason I need to be skinny; who would trust a fat dietitian?  lol
  7. I never did change my oil last week so it'll have to wait until I get paid.  But I may actually wash my Jeep this weekend (gasp!)
  8. Tonight we watched Destination America about the Grand Canyon.  I've decided that I'll hike it someday.  Havasupai Falls is AMAZING.  Plus, my mother hiked it the first time at around age 50 so I can totally make this happen.
  9. My EGD, ultrasound, and psych eval are a week from tomorrow.  My mom was supposed to take me but now my BFF is taking the day off to go with me.  I'm so grateful for her support.
  10. John & I are trying to decide where we're going on vacation this year.  Last year we took the coastline up to OR to see his family/friends.  This year we're not sure.  We talked about Knott's Berry Farm; none of us have been.
For some reason I've been exhausted lately, I think the heat is taking it's toll.  I've been ready to crash by 9p every night!  On that note, I'm off.  Until tomorrow!


  1. Well done on that tracking on myfitnesspal. Accountability is key on this journey. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. You are doing so great! Congrats on the big loss on the scale this week, and the big bonus at work! Exciting you have a career focus/interest - all these things are so great for moving forward to where you want to be.


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