Pants are overrated

Just when the scale is on my side, making me happy & validating my hard work on my diet I go to put on my size 18 jeans out of the dryer.  Stupid pants.  I'm wearing them today, don't get my wrong, but I fully expected 5 lbs to make a different.  Isn't it funny how we GAIN 5 lbs & suddenly our wardrobe feels like it belongs to a size 4 model but we lose 5 lb & it makes no difference?  Stupid pants. 
On another note, happy Friday everyone!  I am picking up my 2nd Bountiful Basket tomorrow & am looking forward to it.  I've really enjoyed cooking this week, knowing I'm filling our bellies with good food rather than the junk food we were eating nightly in the not too distant past.  Afterward I may wash my Jeep or I may crawl back into bed & sleep!  I'll see how that goes. 
Sunday we're headed to the lake with friends.  This is a common occurrence in the summertime as we don't have a pool anymore & it's insanely hot outside.
I'll keep this short & sweet.  Have a great weekend!
Ooh don't forget to check this out:
The Super Moon...
This year's largest and closest "Super Moon" will occur this Sunday (June 23, 2013.)

This super full moon is not only the closest and largest full moon of the year, it also presents the moon's closest encounter with Earth in a long time. So get outside and enjoy the view... Just watch out for werewolves!

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