Friday and stuff

Already Friday?  Wow.  My work week hasn't been terribly productive because I've been dealing with the dreaded ticket.  I've prepared a legal pleading requesting dismissal, complete with exhibits, and a court order.  I sent it all to the Judge today so hopefully he'll dismiss the silly thing.  I figure either it'll piss him off & he'll fine me the max or he'll be super impressed & offer me a job!  LOL  I am pretty proud of it though & it kind of makes me miss working in the legal field.  I also got a chance to work on an escalated call yesterday.  A client made a complaint, which we take very seriously, and I was able to research it a bit which was interesting.  On top of that my leader reviewed my self-assessment for my annual review & agreed with everything I rated myself on which means I'll be receiving a raise - Woo!

I have not been on track this week with my foods, not really.  Monday was an excuse, but the rest of the week went to crap.  Tuesday I had good intentions & started off decently.  We ended up at Chikfila for lunch, I didn't do terrible but I did get fries.  That night we had cheese quesadillas for dinner.  Granted, they were homemade so probably not as bad as a restaurant would be but still not super great either.  Wednesday I don't even remember what I had for lunch, but we had turkey burgers for dinner.  Yesterday I overdid it with a burger at lunch, fajitas for dinner (homemade) but I finished it off with a bowl of ice cream.  Needless to say my stomach hurt last night from the dairy intake this week.

I have no one to blame but myself.  I can't even say my friends enticed me.  It was all me.  I really have to break this cycle.  

There really isn't anything exciting happening.  I get another Bountiful Basket tomorrow.  I was please with this week's assortment but some of the fruits didn't last at all so I ended up throwing some things away.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.  I may switch back to organic.  I always heard organic doesn't have as long a shelf life but this week proved otherwise.

Have a good weekend everyone!  I'll be trying to find a way to stay cool - it's supposed to reach 118° this weekend!


  1. I want that T shirt!! So awesome sauce!!

  2. I hope your tickets gets dismissed! Once when I prepared copies for a mortgage company, and gave the guy his file, complete with label, he asked if I was looking for a job, ha ha. So it can happen!

    Great job with your review and getting a raise!


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