Weekend Recap

As I started thinking about what I want to write tonight my ex texts me to thank our son for the card then proceeds to give me crap about not having him call to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  Really?  I'm pretty sure the phone works both ways.  It is not my job to facilitate a relationship between him & his son, that is his job.  Furthermore, I have a life too which no longer revolves around him.  He's trying to guilt me.  So I tell my kiddo his dad is upset that he didn't call today.  My son takes the phone into his room & leaves a message telling him why he didn't call (we were out in the Jeep today) then ends with telling him he owes me an apology!  What?  My 9 year old son RULES.  Of course I get another text about how important he feels, etc.  Grow up, seriously.

End of rant.

Yesterday was a good day.  I took my friend's 15 yr old daughter out for girls' day (and my son, lol).  We got mani/pedis, went to lunch, then the mall.  I spent an obscene amount of money, but she absolutely needed time out of the house so it was worth it.  After our day out I arrived home to see that my Amazon goodies had arrived.  I was like a kid on Christmas.  I broke out the scale & the Cuisinart grill already.  I used the grill for dinner last night: ribeye, corn on the cob & grilled zucchini.  Yum!  Ok so the steak was overcooked & mostly like shoe leather but the rest was divine.

Btw, the veggies came from my Bountiful Basket which I am very pleased with.  My box contained mangoes, apples, oranges, plums, avocado, garlic, onion, corn on the cob, baby carrots, and romaine.  I will definitely be ordering again.  

Tonight I made a skillet meal that I got from Costco.  It's a Birds Eye chicken dijon with veggies.  Only 180 calories per 1 cup serving & really tasty.  Even the kiddo liked it!  Along with it we had steamed carrots & corn on the cob.  I'm really on a roll with cooking at home & getting my veggies in.  Speaking of which, my food tracking has been going really well & I've been under my calorie goal on most days, I think I went over once.

Today we took the Jeep out with our club.  We went up to a trail just outside of Jerome, in an attempt to get out of the heat!  It was a nice run & as always we had a great time with our extended family.  The trail is called Smiley Rock because of a huge boulder that has a smiley face on it.

On that note I'm off to bed.  Good night my lovelies!


  1. I loved my basket this weekend. I got some yummy grapes and I got avocados and more carrots and peppers..yum yum! I did chicken kabobs last night. Ex sounds like a whiner..good for you for not letting it get to are one tough cookie!

  2. Your ex should hook up with my boyfriend's ex, though they may fight over that center of the universe spot, ha ha.

    It's great your son didn't fall for the guilt trip and the manipulation. I have no idea what kind of relationship he and your son have, though. Why didn't he just call your son instead of texting you?

    Sounds like you had a great weekend anyway, which is good!

    1. My thoughts exactly, the phone works both ways! The relationship they have is that his dad tries to be his friend. There's a lot of disappointments & let downs there (cancellations, etc). He spends a lot of money on him but from what I gather not a lot of quality time. Naturally, my son is embracing John, my boyfriend as a father figure because he does the dad stuff: discipline, affection, teaching him.


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