I'm going wheelin'!

Whew, this week has been busy!  I lost track from Wednesday to today...  I've been a busy bee at work, training 2 newbies to my team.  In addition to that I suffered a small blow to my self esteem when one of my team members was promoted to team captain.  I was shocked, actually.  I've made my career goals here very clear: I want a leadership role.  I've been expressing these objectives from the day I started.  Not only have I stated what I want, I've demonstrated my abilities to excel.  So yeah, it was a tough pill to swallow. Although it was nice when the DVP mentioned that my qualities are far greater than the position that was offered to my counterpart & that for me she's looking at a bigger picture.  I hope that's true.  

End of pity party rant.

This weekend is the 2nd annual charity run to Crown King for the Jeep club.  We take a 4x4 trail from the back of Lake Pleasant up to a cute little town in the pines.  The trail takes about 4-5 hours & we have 60+ rigs signed up.  Not to shabby for a club that only has 15 or so active members!  The proceeds are benefiting 2 charities: the Granite Mountain Hotshots & Project H3 which helps homeless vets get off the streets.  We're also hosting a separate raffle & 100% of the proceeds are going to Baby Rose, one of the Hotshots' unborn baby.  So we wheel all day then hang out at the bar in Crown King among friends. Afterward we'll camp then come back down Sunday.  I'm really looking forward to it but I'm also nervous at the same time.  I drive a manual & it's the first I've ever had.  I started wheelin' just over a year ago but I learned on an automatic.  It'll be interesting, especially if the rain keeps up & we're trolling through mud.  I'll be sure to share pictures.  Btw, that's my Jeep!

I've been keeping up pretty well with my walking.  I did skip Wednesday this week because I was just so tired & couldn't wake up!  That night I went to Four Peaks to have a beer with my friend for her birthday.  I may not walk today either; again I was super tired this morning after having bad dreams all night.  Tonight I won't have time since we'll be getting everything ready for tomorrow.  We have to be at our meeting spot by 8:00.  I'm not sure if I've lost or maintained.  I didn't really pay attention to my weight on the day of my last nutrition appointment so I'm just going to wait until my next one to see what the scale says.  My eating has been okay; I bought My Fit Foods this week & have been eating them for breakfast & lunch, except yesterday I ate from our potluck.  My next appointment is Aug 13, then I only have 2 left before it can be submitted to insurance!  I guess I should really acquaint myself with a new PCP so I can get my letter done.

Back to work!  Happy Friday, everyone.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I was telling Hubby over the weekend that I wanted to see if there was such a thing as a Jeep Club because I love my jeep and want to trying 4 wheeling. This has inspired me to check it out locally. :)


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