My name is Dotti & I'm a (blog) slacker.

Life has been HECTIC, to say the least.

Last weekend's wheeling trip was a lot of fun & a great success.  We raised $3,000 total for our charities, the weather was nice, and the trail was kind to us.

The past 2 weeks at work have been insane.  I've been in a new role since May 1 (essentially QA) where my objective is to monitor calls for team members.  This is a new role in AZ so I have a lot of freedom in how I'd like it to go.  My counterpart, whom I'm not terribly fond of, was promoted to Team Captain.  That in itself was a huge blow; myself & many others (whom have all voiced their opinions) were shocked about the choice but I was informed later that I'm meant for bigger & better things.  We'll see...

Anyhoots, I've been running around the past 2 weeks because 2 team members were moved to "my" team & I've been given the task of training them.  In the process I will be reviewing calls for another team so I'm trying to "fix" some things I've come across.  It's a good thing innovation is rewarded here!

My daily challenge (#operationactive365) is going fairly well.  I've missed a day here & there but have been doing pretty good about walking.  I've got my handy dandy FitBit to help motive me towards 10,000 steps per day.

My 4th nutrition appointment is coming up Aug 13 and I'm kind of nervous.  My surgeon told me to lose 5-10lb.  The nutritionist said more like 5-8 to stay "safe".  I'm not sure I've accomplished that, again.  So my eating hasn't been superb but I've improved greatly on the exercise front.  I guess I could fib, but I tend to let it all out when the doc asks me.  Should be interesting...

I hope all is well with everyone; I've got some catching up to do on my reading list!

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  1. Sounds like a busy few months for you! I hope your hard work at work is rewarded. And great job keeping up your exercise!


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