Ch-ch-changes! And a recipe...

My friend who had lap-band surgery a few months ago wil be joining my blog to share recipes, tips, nsv, etc. Together we'll share our journeys - ups & downs.

I hope you stick around to see what's coming. 

The other night I had a craving for something a little crunchy but still fitting my "mushies" stage so I thought potato pancakes would be good. I took it a step further and made sweet potato pancakes. These delicious morsels pack 12.9 g of protein per serving (2 pancakes) and only 85 cals. 

They turned out really tasty, just a little bit sweet, and everyone who tried them loved them!  The recipe below makes 16 pancakes, 8 servings. 

2 med yams/sweet potatoes (or 1 pouch of Organics Steamers from Costco)
1 1/2 c egg whites
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract 

Mix all ingredients and cook on a hot griddle. These may stick so use spray if needed. The tops will bubble like pancakes but keep an eye on them so they don't burn. Each pancake is 2 tbsp batter. 


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