~ NSV ~

Today I did a push-up.  A real, no-knees, man-style push-up.  Go me!

I wanted to share this & then I realized I've yet to share my NSVs.  So, here's a short list of my non-scale victories:

  • I've dropped 3 pant sizes, 1 shirt size
  • My upper thighs & biceps are becoming more defined.  Muscles are sexy!
  • I started running & can do so successfully for 3-5 min at a time
  • I hiked 5 mi last Saturday & cannot wait to hike it again this weekend
  • I am consistently working out 5-6 x per week
  • My team members (aka co-workers) call me "skinny" (I'm far from it, but it's still nice to get the feedback)
Good stuff!

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