Overachiever, much?


That is the number of 5Ks I have committed to in the next 3 months.  I guess if I'm going to overdo something it's better that it's exercise rather than food, right?

So this week I took my handy dandy smartphone and downloaded the C25K app (that's Couch 2 5K). Yeah I know, so 2 years ago but it's helping me.  Last night I completed my first run: 5 min warm up followed by 20 minutes of jogging/walking intervals.  To add to that, my team leader has decided to start a running club at work.  Of course I joined.  So Mondays & Wednesdays I'll be using my super cool app to get my butt in gear for my first 5K on March 15.  I intend to run at least half of that 5K while be covered in multi-colored foam.  Afterward I fully intend to shake my ever-shrinking booty to the music.

Soon I'll be adding "runner" to the list of words to describe me.  That is something I would have never thought could happen and now I intend to ensure that it does.  Although, I'm sure what I think I look like running and what I actually look like are two completely different things!

I'll be a busy girl, running 2 days a week and boxing 2-3.  I told my boyfriend I hope he doesn't get tired of this, but he's super dreamy and supportive of the whole thing.  I'm so glad he gets it - that makes me feel better about "me" time.

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