T- minus 2...

The site has been uncooperative these past few days so I've been unable to post. I had to improvise and am using the mobile app instead. 

Surgery is the day after tomorrow. Just. Two. Days. Or one, I guess. Today is my last day in the office. I'm working from home tomorrow. People warned me that the pre-surgery antibiotics will have my bowels screaming and I'd rather not share that with my team members at work. It'll be good anyway to be home so I can get laundry done and get some last minute stuff ready. 

Remember that nesting stuff I was talking about? Yeah that passed. My house is dusty and covered in dog hair again, as it should be. Although it's not as cluttered I haven't been staying on top of the dusting etc. 

My fridge is stocked with clear protein drinks - which I'm told taste like ass - and my pantry is fully stocked with chicken broth, protein powder, calcium chews, and so on. My prescriptions are all filled and I have my gas strips on hand. 

I am ready. 

My new beginning is Thursday. 

Tomorrow night I'll take the dreaded "before" pictures and finally update that section of this thing!

Wish me luck. <3

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