Check, check, check!

I picked up 5 of my 6 prescriptions tonight. Tomorrow I'll pickup the last one.

Last night I made several marinades from onions, citrus, and several other ingredients.  Tomorrow I'll grill my first batch of chicken to take for lunch on Thursday.

I'm a little nervous to start the pre-op but excited at the same time. I made a realization the other night that I'm only 2 (now 1) days away from my new beginning. 

I read a post on Facebook today from a girl who is a year post op. She suggested making a video, now, at my beginning, to my future self as a means of encouragement. In the video I should tell myself why I'm doing this so that later, when I'm feeling discouraged I can watch it and get a pep talk from my fat self. She didn't say that part, but it's the truth.  I'm definitely going to do that. 

So close!

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